Loved, revered and worshipped across the world as friends, philosophers, world teachers and Avatars

Sri Amma

Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan are worshipped as Avatars by millions around the World. They represent the feminine and masculine aspects of the unmanifest Divine. Sri Amma lived a very austere life from childhood with the sole objective of liberating humanity from suffering. Millions of devotees across the world yearn to see a glimpse of Sri Amma, for in the presence of Sri Amma one dissolves into an ocean of love and grace. Sri Amma’s unconditional love and compassion is a nectar that purifies one of all hurts, fears and inhibitions. Sri Amma is a unique teacher who imparts the greatest insights of life in an easily understandable way.

Sri Bhagavan

Sri Bhagavan is loved, revered and worshipped by millions across the world as a friend, philosopher, world teacher and Avatar. Sri Bhagavan’s singular passion has been to liberate humanity from suffering. Even as a little boy, Sri Bhagavan’s only concern was humanity. Sri Bhagavan lived a normal life in the external world like everybody else, yet there was something different and special about Sri Bhagavan that attracted people of all ages and cultures towards Him. The power of Sri Bhagavan’s presence has been a very magical and liberating experience for those who have had the opportunity of interacting with Sri Bhagavan or just being in His physical presence. Such people have received solutions to their problems, freedom from their suffering and a shift in consciousness by the grace of Sri Bhagavan.


Sri Bhagavan’s teachings are pearls of wisdom that take One towards inner growth and self discovery. Those teachings bring about a shift in every individual in their thought process, their perceptions and the way one experiences the World.

Each of these teachings can be experienced and verified. Hence they become not just knowledge but a powerful wisdom leading to personal insights. They basically help the individual to move from a state of mere existence to true living by rising their consciousness levels. This transformation would result in a better self enhanced family relations, an enlightened society and ultimately the oneness of humanity as a whole.

Pujas and Homas

Aalaya Pooja

Sri Sarvadeva Param Karuna Paramjyothi Vaideeswara Temple, Nemam is one of the prime spiritual centers of the Oneness, which focuses on worshiping and receiving the Divine Grace of Sri Sarvadeva Param Karuna Paramjyothi through poojas. Rituals and poojas are physical expression of inner feelings through which one communicates to the Divine. It is a blessing of severals lifetimes for one to be in the Nemam Temple to get to participate in the poojas and rituals which are specifically designed to fulfil the desired boons in personal, professional and spiritual life as well.

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Sarva Mangala Pooja (Every Day 6 AM)

Yearly Sarva Mangala Pooja is being performed to bestow the participants with the continuous grace of Sri Sarvadeva Param Karuna Paramjyothi for the whole of the year with the above sankalpas.

  • To bring Auspiciousness in every sphere of life
  • For Inner peace and serenity
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Arogya Puja (Every Day 11:30 AM)

Arogya Pooja is being performed on all 7 days in which Sri Sarvadeva Param Karuna Paramjyothi will bestow special fortune of having good health to all participants. During the Arogya pooja, the holy kalash water which was kept in Sanctum Sanctorum, will be sprinkled on all participants to procure good health.

  • To lead a healthy life
  • To get cured of specific illness
  • To have physical and mental wellness
  • To obtain strong Immune system
  • Longivity
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Maha Nivedna Pooja (Every Day 11:30 AM)

Maha Nivedna seva will be done by devotees in names of their family members with the below sankalpas.

  • Good Health
  • Family welfare
  • Prosperity in life
  • To set right relationship with the family members
  • Special occasions like birthday, or any important health issues
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Vara Pooja

Vara Pooja is being performed to fulfil specific desires in one’s life. This pooja is specifically being performed to cater to the varied & specific requirements of devotees to lead a fulfilled and blissful life.

  • Career
  • Success
  • Marriage
  • Santanam
  • Vidya
  • Protection Shield
  • Harmony in relationship
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Nitya Pooja (Every Day 4 PM)

Yearly Nithya Pooja is being performed for the whole of the year in the name of family members for any of the above sankalpas. This will enable them to receive the blessings of Sri Sarvadeva Param Karuna Paramjyothi through out the year for the whole family for a specific purpose.

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Through the chanting of mantras and offerings into the fire, one’s mystic energy centre called chakras are energized, creating a revitalized and rejuvenating effect for both the body and mind. While there are numerous homas, some are known to be more powerful than the rest. When performed by a person with a mystic sense of the universe and done with ceremonial purity, these homas are known to yield incredibly magical results for the participants in the sacred ceremony. We have received reports of numerous miracles from the participants.

Homa at Sathyaloka

  • Pithru Shanthi Homa will be performed on Amavasya thithiyai at Satyaloka with the below sankalpas.
  • Dhanvantri Homa
  • Mahalaxmi Homa
  • Kubera Homa
  • Lalitha Homa
  • Sudharshana Homa
  • Mahaganapathy Homa
  • Gayatri Homa
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Pooja at Sathyaloka

  • Janmadina Pooja (on The Occasion Of Your Birthday)
  • Namakarana (Naming Ceremony)
  • Annaprasana
  • Aksharabhyasa (initiation Of Education)
  • Aishwarya Pooja
  • Arogya Pooja
  • Kalki Vara Pooja
  • Weekly Poojas
  • Monthly Poojas
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